Field Supervisors


In the summer of 2000 San Luis Ambulance developed and began maintaining a Paramedic Field Supervisor position. The Field Supervisors perform two separate, but equally important functions: 24-hour Paramedic Field Supervision and administrative assignments. There are currently four full-time Paramedic Field Supervisors and four Reserve Paramedic Field Supervisors. Paramedic Field Supervisors must maintain the same current licenses and certifications as all other field staff members, including a current California Paramedic License and San Luis Obispo County Paramedic Accreditation.

24-Hour Field Supervision

There is a Paramedic Field Supervisor on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Working under the direction of the Operation Director, the on-duty Paramedic Field Supervisor is responsible for overseeing all aspects of field operations. Paramedic Field Supervisors respond to large scale emergencies and assume an important role in the Incident Command System, usually as the Medical Group Supervisor. They may respond to any 911 call in which an ambulance is dispatched to provide oversight of the incident, assist with patient care or perform a real-time quality improvement review. The Paramedic Field Supervisor is often the best means of communication between the field staff and the Business Office. Frequently the on-duty Paramedic Field Supervisor will provide and discuss new information as they travel to all eight San Luis Ambulance stations during their shift.

The experience and knowledge of the Paramedic Field Supervisors has successfully mitigated many potential issues, always with the goal of providing the best, most appropriate patient care to those who need our services. Additionally, the Paramedic Field Supervisor is responsible for unforeseen scheduling issues, such as personnel calling in sick, or any reason a staff member cannot work on a given day.

In addition to all of the emergency situations, the Paramedic Field Supervisor arranges for and staffs long distance transfers and critical care transports. The Paramedic Field Supervisor must decide if the transfer is emergent and should be handled by an on-duty crew, or if other staffing is appropriate, or even if the transfer can be held until the next morning, decisions that are frequently made at 2:00 AM!

Administration Assignments

The four full-time Paramedic Field Supervisors are each responsible for one or more administrative assignments. These are management level assignments maintained in support of the General Manager and Operations Director. The assignments include, but are not limited to;

  • Training Coordinator
  • Recruiting and Hiring of EMTs and Paramedics
  • Supervision of the Field Personnel Schedule
  • Ordering and Purchasing Field Supplies and Equipment
  • Purchasing and Tracking of Controlled Medications
  • Purchase and Maintenance of Safety Equipment
  • Purchase and Maintenance of Portable Radios
  • Supervise the Process for Placing New Ambulances into Service
  • Acting as the SLA Designated Infection Control Officer, Maintain the Infection Control and Staff Member Health Policies
  • Administration of SLA Uniform Policies

In addition to the assignments listed above, every Paramedic Field Supervisor is a member of the SLA QI Committee, most are SLO County Field Training Officers, and some serve on one or more SLO County EMS Agency committees.